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A fresher approach to Cleaning Supplies & Washroom Services

Hayes Hygiene is the natural place to go for companies looking for a Best-in-Class supplier of cleaning products, consumables and washroom services across the UK.

Whether your cleaning need is for a corporate office, university, school, hotel, global attraction in the leisure sector, or you are a cleaning contractor; Hayes Hygiene can be part of your solution.

Hayes Hygiene have only one item on its agenda – you, the customer. We are here to help your business be more successful by providing what you need, at a sensible cost, and delivering it on time.

Hayes Hygiene Factoids

Each year Hayes sell 430,000km of toilet roll. That’s more than 2 trips to the Moon.

Hayes could cover the Vatican City 10 times over with the refuse sacks it sells each year

Hayes regularly deliver to 1,475 sites.

Hayes hold 1,560 different standard items in stock at any one time

Each year, Hayes delivery drivers drive the equivalent to 20 times round the world.

If stacked one on top of the other, the feminine hygiene bins serviced by Hayes each year would be as tall as 7,517 London buses.

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