Our Products

Cleaning Products

Hayes Hygiene can offer you one of the best ranges of cleaning products straight off our shelves.  Whether you want a well-known brand, or prefer the best product at the best price, we will have the thing you need. Need something special, or a particular “problem-solver”?  We probably have it in stock already, but if we don’t we can get it for you.

Not sure what you need?  We can advise you, and you want us to, we can visit you and we can look at the matter together and agree the best solution.

Cleaning Materials

Whether you simply need disposable cleaning tissue or the latest in ultra-microfibre, Hayes Hygiene has it: and all points in between.  We have what your cleaners need to do their job safely and efficiently, and in the cost-effective way. We understand that not all cleaning materials are the same, and if you need help in selecting what is best, we are there to help. 

We can even arrange product training if you decide to change what you want your cleaners to use.

Janitorial Supplies

Hayes Hygiene offer one of the widest ranges of paper products.  Whether you want premium quality, premium brand paper products or soaps, or prefer to have good quality and lower cost generically branded products, we have what you need to ensure that your staff and visitors have what they want. We have the tools that your cleaners need; everything from janitor trolleys to mops, extending poles and flexible dusters. 

We have those vital things which make the job of your cleaners easier, and the cleaning outcome better.